Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello All!

We have started a new blog on our website.  Please visit to view our website and learn more about our fabulous services!

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Have a PLATINUM day!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little history on Photo Booths

The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888 by William Pope and Edward Poole of Baltimore. It probably was never built. The first known really working photographic machine was a product of the French inventor T. E. Enjalbert (March 1889). It was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. The German born photographer Mathew Steffens from Chicago filed a patent for such a machine in May 1889. These early machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient. The first commercially successful automatic photographic apparatus was the „Bosco“ from the Inventor Conrad Bernitt of Hamburg (Patented July-16-1890). All these early machines produced ferrotypes. The first photographic automate with negative and positive process was invented by the German Carl Sasse (1896).

The modern concept of photo booth with (later) a curtain originated with Anatol Josepho, who had arrived in the U.S. from Russia in 1923. with the first photo booth appearing 1925 on Broadway in New York City. For 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes. In the first six months after the booth was erected, it was used by 280,000 people. The Photomaton Company was created to place booths nationwide. On March 27, 1927, Josepho was paid $1,000,000 and guaranteed future royalties for his invention.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New beginnings!!

Hey guys!
We are so excited to let everyone know that The Platinum Photo Booth is going to be expanding to LA! Coming up in the next few months we will be building two new booths. Also, we are going to be doing a bridal show in November and again in January. We will have more info on the dates soon. I hope everyone is as excited as we are about this big move! We can't wait to make all events more fun, memorable, and luxurious in LA!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting ready for the weekend!

Today we are making finalizations on this weekends weddings!

Words cannot describe how happy and excited we are about the skyrocketing demand of The Platinum Photo Booth. We want to thank all of our past present and future clients for making this such a succsseful year and we are only half way into it!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Updated News

Hello everyone! The Platinum Photo Booth has been extremely busy preparing for "Wedding Season" which is May - October for us, we are really just trying to stay ahead of everything before it's too late and we fall behind! We are so pleased to have so many inquiries during our peak months!

We also wanted to mention that we have hired on two new members to our wonderful staff, that makes 12! We are always excited when we grow so far that we need to bring on new people!

Now for our newest addition of quality fun, we have finally launched our Video Booth! Guests can enter the booth and record themselves leaving a greeting to the host of the party! 

Check back soon for samples online!

Best Wishes,

Leti Miranda 
Office Manager

Friday, January 21, 2011

Events for the weekend of the 15th.

Hello again!

As sme of you may know, last weekend we celebrated with a couple of very lucky couples!! Shout outs to everyone, we wish you all nothing but the best!

Last Sunday Leti and Erin promoted the Platinum Photo Booth in another Bridal show at the Vintage Fair Mall here in Modesto, where we met a whole bunch of new brides and ran into some that we've already met! It's always great putting a name to a face! :) 

Check out our breif clip from the show!
The Platinum Photobooth at Vintage Fair Mall!! 

Tonight Leti and Vanessa are traveling to Riverbank to celebrate Juan Carlos' 50th birthday! whoo hoo! It's sure to be a good one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our events from January 6th through January 9th

You wouldn't believe what a wonderful and crazy weekend couple of weeks we've had so far for 2011!

Saturday the 1st:
  • Erin and Alena celebrated with Deborah and Juan Carreon for their special day at the Seasons in Modesto!
    • "The brides taste in decor was Stunning!" says Erin

  • Margaret and Alena Shared a special day with Jaclyn and Tyler Headrick at The Reata in Oakdale!
    • "Fun wild group!" - Margaret and Alena
Thursday the 6th:
  • Leti and Alena had a blast at the Employee Gala at the Doubletree Hotel in Modesto!
    • "Guests were very easy going and comical" says Leti "I love working the events where you can share a laugh with the crowd."
Saturday the 8th:
  • Leti and Bailey headed out to Santa Cruz to celebrate the holidays with Bay Federal Credit Union!
    • "Amazing group of people" Bailey said "They were all so fun and confident!"
    • "Everyone was very sweet and attentive, we almost felt like we were guests of the party!" says Leti

  • Margaret and Cortny were there to celebrate the wedding day of Sandy and John Tan in Turlock at the Larsa Event Hall.
    • "The bride was absolutely gorgeous!" says Margaret
    • "The bride has great taste in decoration!" voiced Cortny

  • Vanessa and Brittney got to celebrate at the Modesto Elks Lodge with Emma and Adam Perez.
    • Vanessa said " My favorite part of this wedding was when the bride kept sneaking into people's pictures! haha normally it's a crazy guest!"
Sunday the 9th: Two fabulous Bridal shows!
  • Erin, Brittney, and Vanessa got to work Stockton's 18th Annual Premiere Bridal Event!
    • "I loved the compliments that the bride's were giving at this event about The Platinum Photo Booth!" - Erin
    • "I really like actually shwoing the brides the photo booth and letting them experience it for themselves. It was nice to see them having fun in our boothand it made them even more interested in sharing their special day with us :)" - Brittney

  • Leti Margaret and Alena worked the Redbow Weddings Bridal Show here in Modesto!
    • "I really enjoyed the energy of all the guests who were anxious to get in the booth. And i finally met Stacey! :)" - Leti
    • "Couldn't get over how many brides were there! Bridal Fever! Girls on the move! -Margaret
    • "I loved seeing the reaction on the faces of all the brides to be when i explained The Platinum Photo Booth! Most of all, I LOVED the fashion show! =)" - Alena

Crazy huh? We couldn't be happier with these past events and we are looking forward to the rest! Lets go 2011!!